Digital Events and B2B meetings
Event Participation Guide for Companies
The digital event format and price model, which we have put forward based on the market research we conducted in 2020, allows companies just starting to invest in this field to easily take part in virtual events, while also allowing corporate companies to develop different strategies.
Offer your potential customers content that will help them direct their attention to you rather than your competitors.
Technology shapes our expectations. The "Relevancy economy" and "experience economy" are the words best describing consumer trends and change in corporate sales channels in the last decade. Being in an ever-increasing technological driven world, only the companies offering high-quality products and content keep the attention of their buyers.

Smart 365 events offer a great deal of content to the public via its website, social media channels and video streaming platforms like YouTube. The main exhibition is not open to the public. This practice prevents artificially inflated visitor numbers and ensures companies and municipalities that are ready to conduct business.

Any sector stakeholders wishing to attend conferences and company presentations and have access to participant profiles during the event dates can purchase visitor tickets for the Expo365 event. Visitors do not have a visible brand profile and have no access to B2B conversations.
Participating Institutions and Firms
Institutions and companies wishing to have a company profile at Expo365 events, exhibit their products, publish content, take part in B2B meeting sessions, take part in e-bulletin and benefit from consultancy services can take part in the virtual expo with a participation package that is suitable for their budget. While the entry-level packages offer the opportunity to attend only B2B sessions, presentation packages, starting from 30 minutes, make it possible to share content up to 4 hours a day. Participants who want to run social media and PR campaigns also create integrated strategies with Expo365 events.
Supporting Institutions
Expo365 events, organized with the support of leading institutions in their field, have a rich network of supporters. If you want to support our annual events or to perform new projects jointly, you can contact our business development experts.
How Does the Process Work for Visitors and Participating Firms?
— Visitors and companies who want to participate in B2B meetings can book their places directly via credit card on the Expo365 platform. When the payment process is complete, the e-mail sent to your address will contain the event registration link where you will create your profile. This link will take you to the registration page (example shown below). You can log in with your social media account or create your profile using your e-mail address. In both cases, you will be asked to enter additional information about your company.
How Do Participant Profiles Seem in The Expo Module?
Each participating company has a profile page on the event platform where they can add product videos, photos, and share more detailed information. There are sections where you can share information in categories such as: services offered, partnerships you plan to realize, investments you plan to make, and your areas of expertise. This page is enriched with keywords and can be easily found through the search module of the event.
Your personal information is shown next to your company profile allowing your visitors know who to contact. When you request a meeting from your potential customers they will easily have access to your company information. Participant profiles are open to participants and visitors, but individual visitors do not have a visible profile page. This prevents having a lot of pages with empty or low quality content.

How Do I Conduct Bilateral Meetings?
— Participating institutions and companies can conduct meetings during bilateral meeting hours determined in the event program. Accepted meetings can be traced through the meeting module on the event platform. When it is the meeting time, you can launch the video directly on the web page, no other program is necessary. Please do not be late for meetings. Let the other party know in advance if you need to cancel. Participants participating in consultancy services from Expo365 can request support in arranging bilateral meetings.
We help you by expanding this guide every day. If we have not covered topics you are curious about, you can get more detailed information about the terms of participation and the transactions you will make on the platform from your sales representative.